Houseboats on the Murray

The Murray is one the great rivers of the world – up there with the Nile and the Amazon.  It warrants a visit.  And a houseboat holiday is one of the best holidays you can have – particularly with a family or a group. These often very comfortable (sometimes positively luxurious) floating homes are easy to navigate (well hard to damage is probably a better description) so you can ‘drive’ yourself.  All you need is a standard driver’s licence.  Chug slowly along during the day – watching the mesmerising river pass you by. Then in the evening pull into the bank for a campfire dinner. (It’s like camping without the hard bits.)   Boats can be picked up in all the river towns.  Mannum and Murray Bridge are convenient to Adelaide; some of the best (and least visited) bits of the river are up river from Renmark; but everywhere is good.  Avoid the height of summer: it can be belting hot and firebans preclude campfires.